Dragon Thoughts Ltd

Dragon Thoughts Ltd is a company which combines ideas in the form of quality software or web sites, with the all pervasive machines which they reside on.
The company tries to use the positive qualities associated with Dragons and the positive decision to carefully consider designs and solutions.

Dragon Qualities

Traditional Asian Dragons can be considered as analogous to modern computers.

Comparison of Asian Dragons and Computers

In Asia, dragons were traditionally involved in all aspects of life. For example, respect to the Blue Dragon when building a house or castle was necessary in the correct siting. In modern times, computers pervade all aspects of life and work.
Asian dragons have wisdom for which they are revered. Computers provide a route to knowledge, and many people regard them as idols.
Dragons are tempered with a mixture of good and evil.
Of the 117 scales covering a Dragon's body, 81 represent aspects of good while only 36 represent evil.
The invasiveness of computers is obvious. Normally they provide good and helpful applications, but they do have a negative aspect when misused.
Dragons are able to change their shape into human or animal form. Computers are present in modern life in many obvious forms, but they also lurk unseen in other forms for example as hidden in cars, washing machines or refrigerators.
Dragons are magical. It is possible to make computers perform miraculous feats.
Dragons have very long lives. Individual computers may not have a very long life, but the software that Dragon Thoughts Ltd produces is designed to last.


Software and web sites always require careful thought.
In many ways, software is an encapsulation of thoughts and ideas. If a software design is badly thought out then the result is hard to use, it does not perform its appointed role and is difficult to maintain. If the thinking is good, then the result is powerful and easy to use.
Thought is based on the application of experience.
Thought can be used as a synonym for many other concepts relevant to good software provision.


A thought is an idea. Sometimes the idea is not effective, but sometimes it is. Good ideas enhance your business.


Users and viewers must be considered so that they can obtain the information and services that they require.


A good attitude, paying attention to detail is used to provide the highest quality of results.

Other people on thoughts

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