Services Offered

Dragon Thoughts provides technical skills. The skills fall into three major software design and development areas.

Technical Services


Dragon Thoughts designs and builds software to run on the various window platforms.


All software from Dragon Thoughts is designed to work efficiently and meet the customers needs.


Programs developed by Dragon Thoughts are built to match the designs. Where appropriate, Object Oriented techniques are used.
Care is taken to make the software extensible and maintainable so that if a customer's need grow or change, the software can be adapted with a minimum cost and disruption.


If the source code is available, Dragon Thoughts can provide the skills to provide systematic reviews and reports on existing programs before they are changed.
Guidance can be given regarding improvement of style, reliability and speed on a variety of platforms.
The review system is also applied, as standard, to all software built by Dragon Thoughts.


Web Sites

Dragon Thoughts can help your company by building or updating web sites which download the information in a fast and informative manner.

Server Technology

In the past, Dragon Thoughts has provided Windows NT based server skills to provide efficient, multi-threaded client-server software which collects data or communicates with existing back office systems.


Current Computing Situation

Existing configurations of installed software can be reviewed. Recommendations can be made regarding appropriateness to your company of the packages and the way in which they are used.

Anti-Virus consultancy

Rather than waiting for a virus to devastate your company's systems, it is possible to provide a high level of protection by installing counter-measures and having plans ready for emergency situations. Dragon Thoughts can evaluate your existing measures.
Software can be purchased and installed and emergency plans can be designed to suit your company.


Dragon Thoughts can provide technical reviews of custom software to report on technical flaws and advise on areas of improvement in content and style.

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