Companies for which Dragon Thoughts has provided services

Dragon Thoughts has provided software development and business consultancy skills to companies of all sizes. The examples shown here range from single person businesses to multi-national corporations.

Arab National Bank

The Arab National Bank is a Saudi Arabian bank which has recently introduced internet banking.
In co-operation with FICS, Dragon Thoughts has provided design and development skills for the internet banking server.

Britannia Building Society

Britannia Building Society is one of Britain's leading mutual financial institutions.
Dragon Thoughts provided skills to design and develop their point of sale software for mortgage quotation and credit scoring of customers.
Easy Life Easy life is a small internet based trading company.
Dragon Thoughts improved the layout of the web site and sped up the download of their catalogue images.
Dragon Thoughts has also provided technical assistance for cleaning up the results of virus attacks.

European Patents Office

The European Patents Office, based in The Hague, tracks and cross references patent applications dating from the Napoleonic era to the present day. There are several thousand examiners, distributed across Europe, who need to have access to the information.
Dragon Thoughts has provided consultancy, design and development skills to improve the current cross referencing system, with a new platform independent Java based information retrieval system.


FICS builds Internet solutions for banks around the world.
Dragon Thoughts assisted in banking server development, in particular providing technical advice and skills for producing an efficient stable and maintainable core server for retail and corporate internet banking.
FICS has since merged with the S1 group.

Hitprofs logo

Hitprofs is a Dutch company specialising in optimising the placement of web sites in search engine results.
Dragon Thoughts assisted Hitprofs in the construction of its web-site and in the development of a keyword analyser for statistically profiling web sites.


Interscapes is a small pet retailing company based in Leeds.
Dragon Thoughts provided skills to provide millennium compliance verification for their existing software.
Dragon Thoughts were contracted to provide and install virus protection software for the company.

British Mensa

Mensa is an international society for people with a high IQ.
Dragon Thoughts provided skills to review the existing computing configurations and to recommend an approach to improving the systems to benefit the staff and members.

Network Associates

Network Associates provides security and anti-virus software under the brand names McAfee and Dr Solomon's.
Dragon Thoughts has provided skills and consultancy regarding the handling of foreign text, particularly Japanese, in email whilst checking them for viruses and unacceptable content.
Dragon Thoughts was responsible for several core components of the E50 NT based product and the E500 Linux based products and is responsible for handling most of the localization and internationalization of these and other products.

Vacuum Formers

Vacuum Formers is a Macclesfield based company producing plastic mouldings.
Dragon Thoughts provided business consultancy to improve the speed of production of some lines and to facilitate internal administrative procedures.

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