Dragon Thoughts uses amazon.co.uk tosupply most of its referencebooks.

Most commonly, we need to purchase references such as the current Java books, but our staff use Amazon topurchase personal material too. One part time member of staff iscurrently studying for a computing degree at Keele University,so some of the course texts arerecommended here.

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recommended books

Initial Study

Internet and World Wide Web, How toProgram

Internet and WWW, How to Program, Book cover

This book gives a basic grounding in many aspects of current webprogramming. It is a recommended study guide for second year Keele universitycomputing students.

Topics covered including XHTML, PHP, Perl, Python and ASP.

The book is large and so is able to give a good level of initialdepth to each topic.

It comes with a CD-ROM which has additional chapters on topicssuch as JSP and SSL. The CD also includes installations for ApacheWeb Server, PHP, Perl, Python and graphics tools as well as thesource code for all the examples.

Java for Students

Java for Students, Book cover

This book provides a good grounding in the basics of Java 2. itis a recommended study guide for first and second year Keele universitycomputing students.


HTML & XHTML The definitive Guide

coverXHTML is the latest standard for providing consistency andextensibility of HTML without the plethora of custom standards andincompatibilities that plague the world of HTML. Latest editions ofNetscape, Internet Explorer and Opera support the XHTML standard.

This is a good general reference for HTML and XHTML, describingthe differences and similarities. It contains details ofinformation relevant to keeping XHTML completely compliant with therecommendations of w3c.org. Italso provides an insight into the reasoning for standardisation onthe XHTML standard.

Stopping Spam

coverUnsolicited Junk e-mail is becoming a significant problem onthe internet. When Dragon Thoughts provided consultancy to NetworkAssociates on the Webshield product line, part of the work involvedthe creation of a rules engine that could identify and block Spam.

In combination with various RFCs this book was extremely usefulfor suggestions of common features found in Spam. The book is wellwritten and authoratitive. Unlike most books on internet issues, itseems likely that this book will remain valid for many years.

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